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Jun. 21st, 2013


Most excellent!

The almighty Johnsons are returning! TV3, you rock!

Apr. 17th, 2013


It passed!

I am damn proud to be a New Zealander today.

Nov. 1st, 2011


excellent customer service, there!

We were on slingshot while we were at the rental. ADSL with no phoneline. Endless problems with it. And their support staff are so tied to their script it would take  twenty minutes each call to convince them I had, in fact, rebooted at least once, and yes, I was quite sure I hadn't changed anything, and yes, I did realise that if they came out to look at it and I had actually changed something it would cost me, which was going to be moot anyway because I HADN'T changed anything, and oh, we could probably come out the day after tomorrow....

Yeah. So we cancelled the contract when moving. And since we weren't on a fixed plan, the lovely customer service person let us know we were not going to be charged a cancellation fee. Which was good. Whereupon they sent us an invoice for the cancellation fee. To the tune of a month's connection.

So, not recommended, no.

Oct. 31st, 2011


Right then, Qantas, back to work!

If I didn't have a personal stake in this, I'd say I was disappointed that Joyce's gamble seems to have paid off. As it is, I'm hoping they  can get flying quickly and we can get the parental units here as planned on Thursday.

Maybe it will all go pearshaped for him in 21 days, and he'll end up getting the proverbial firing squad he so richly deserves.
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Oct. 29th, 2011


well, eff you, qantas!

My parents are supposed to fly out on Tuesday, with Qantas.

I had already vowed never to fly Jetstar again - I think this will expand to cover the entire business. Bastards.
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Aug. 20th, 2011


Bah. Humbug!

Story on Stuff today - a big bakery has jumped the gluten-free bandwagon. Because, I quote, 1 in 100 NZers are gluten intolerant.

Yeah. Remember the stats I worked on lactose intolerance? One in five, potentially? Bah!

If only they'd opened that story up to comments! If only!
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Oct. 5th, 2010


well, we have our priorities right, then?

Two stories from today's news. The government is intervening to keep 'the Hobbit' in New Zealand. At the same time, a family of 'untouchables' face the horrific choice of leaving their three young children behind in NZ when they are deported, or bring them to live in a slum in India without access to education and health care - because they're NZ citizens. Kate Wilkinson 'does not comment on individual cases'. Meanwhile, Gerry Brownlee is very happy to comment on the importance of 'resolving' the situation with the Hobbit.
Time for another last-minute intervention, anyone? It's mind boggling, it really is. I hereby give the National Party leave to use some of my taxes to help support this family, until an actual residence permit gives them an opportunity to get a real job.

EDIT: I've sent an email to Kate Wilkinson (yes, that's how strongly I feel about this). You can too

Jul. 20th, 2010


land of the long white cloud

had to stop the other day and take this picture out over the harbour:

see picture behind here...Collapse )

Jun. 22nd, 2010


I swear "people" are getting stupider

From the 'it hurts, the stoopid' files:

The truck this morning with the following displayed prominently on the side: "Dont't drink science - you don't know where it's been". (I quite like Phoenix drinks, but my lord that's dumb).

And due to the vagaries of supermarket specials, I am currently taking 'organic magnesium' tablets.


Jun. 20th, 2010


crafty cids

today's been a day of kids. we had a nice sleep-in, and then got the bead box out to sit around in our pyjamas with coffee (in m case) beading away. I was mostly dismantling old and broken jewellery that's been sitting around for yonks, all good, repaired a few things which was also good, but got some made and got started on the crochet-project. The girls made their kits I got them weeks ago combined with the pendants they both bought for their pocket money yesterday - purely coincidentally they were colour coordinated!
well, not entirely coincidentally since I know what they like but still.
Then we had lunch, I took the girls to their swimming lesson and sat poolside working away. more work this afternoon when YoungerM had her friend over and ElderM flonked in front of a movie, and then dinner and the girls to bed.
I'm trying to crochet, but my fingers are getting terribly stiff. Might be the wrong time of the year for this kind of stuff.

I'm feeling vaguely wistful about some of my UFOs. I have been working a little on my bedcover, but the winter coat is sitting on the dress dummy looking guilt-inducing, and that grey winter skirt I wanted to build - I've just realised what I want it to look like, so maybe that will be next. I will probably handstitch that, since so much of the design on it has to be done by hand anyway, and I'm way fast by hand. That way I don't have to heat up the sewing room enough for my hands to work there, which will be conducive to anything happening.

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